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Cinematographer and documentary filmmaker, with a Bachelor's degree in Image and Sound from the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar). I have worked as a researcher and video editor at O2 Filmes, one of the largest Brazilian film production  company and as an audiovisual creator and director of photography at Filmes para Bailar production company. I have worked as a videomaker at Teatro Oficina and the Red Bull Station cultural center until 2015, while I also freelanced on various audiovisual projects related to arts and socio-environmental activism in Brazil. I have directed and shot documentaries such as "Tapajós in Trance" for the journalism agency “A Pública” in 2012, "The Return of the Tupinambá Land," produced by Repórter Brasil in 2015, "Illuminated Forest" for the Instituto Socioambiental in 2019, "Segure a Linha" in 2018, which was a finalist for the Vladimir Herzog Award, and "Arandu - Indigenous Knowledge" in 2020 for Greenpeace Brazil. I have also directed the more recent documentaries "Feeding the European Appetite for Soy" and "Driving Deforestation" for the Rainforest Foundation Norway NGO, "Beef, Banks and the Brazilian Amazon" for the Global Witness NGO and “Rionegrinas” for ISA. I was the photographer responsible for the audiovisual production of Greenpeace International's ocean protection campaign in the Indian Ocean between June and July 2021 and in Antarctica in January 2022. In 2023. Now, I currently work as a freelance documentary filmmaker and photographer on various independent media, NGOs, and projects related to human rights and socio-environmental issues. She is a founding member of DAFB - the Collective of Women and Transgender People in the Photography Department of Brazil, where I conduct free courses on cinematography, documentary photography, and drone photography.

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